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Finechive Code Projects

About Code Projects listed here vs. listed under the Research tab.

In the Finechive, the only code projects I am going to write about and upload are the ones that I am doing on my own time, without any affiliation to any institutions or competitions. Basically, these are completely self driven projects, with no "prize" or reason behind, except self-satisfaction.

Crucially, this means that the Finechive does not contain an exhaustive list of all my projects.

Here is the list of Finechive Hobby Programming Projects:

  • SaberStat: Live LightSaber Battle Hits/Miss Counter
  • MorbiOS: RISC-V Operating System (under development)
  • Scripting Shenanigans: Random (mainly Python) Scripts to do a whole bunch of things
  • TBD: Voyager, a Git Client on Android.

My other projects, such as Hackathons/Thesis Projects/Class Projects/Professional Work is listed under my website's Research section.