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CICS Projects

This is a repository to hold all my completed projects and/or research work done under UMass CICS. They have been listed in backwards chronological order.

CS 326: MeetU

Scheduling app made by Nhi Ha, James Leone, Yuni Jeong, and I: linked here. Essentially a better version of When2Meet, with more features and better collaboration tools.

Team Overview

  • Yuni Jeong (@yunijeong5)
  • Kushagra Srivastava (@suobset)
  • James Leone (@JLeone123)
  • Nhi Ha (@hacherio)

Innovative Idea

Existing application: When2Meet (, CATME

Their limitations are: When2Meet-- Bad UI, hard to use on phones, cannot choose location, no commenting functionality CATME-- Confusing UI (can accidentally fill out the survey wrong)

We want to make a scheduling web app that overcomes these limitations, and add extra functionality which we believe would benefit anyone who want to organize a group meeting. Our goal is to create an app that's simple and easy to use, but also gives intuitive UX to its users.


  • Meeting title
  • Username (email)
  • Password
  • Time selection votes
  • Recurrence of meeting
  • Meeting location votes
  • Comments about the meeting
  • Specific text boxes for meeting agenda, roadmap, etc. Can give a markdown to end-user to define it to their liking.
  • Links for Zoom/Discord/Meeting Platforms
  • Links for shared Google Drive Folders, Pooled-in Resources
  • A unified system for people to mention if they can make it or not on specific days (think as marking attendance...if they can typically make it but did not on a specific day, they can mention why)


  • Create profile with email and password.

  • Create a new event

  • Users can add their availabilities and vote for the location they want to meet at.

  • Show times with the most overlap (color coded)

  • Private/public events: e.g. Only UMass emails can schedule an event

  • Set max number of members:

  • Users can add comments on the same page

  • Button to send out link via email

  • See all events (past/future) on a single dashboard

  • Delete / create event on the dashboard

  • (maybe) Google Map API: Mark locations on map

CS H377: Modified xv6

Modified and tinkered xv6 with Prof. Tim Richards and the class for the honors colloquium of 377: Operating Systems.

xv6 is a re-implementation of Dennis Ritchie's and Ken Thompson's Unix Version 6 (v6). xv6 loosely follows the structure and style of v6, but is implemented for a modern RISC-V multiprocessor using ANSI C.

CS H311: An in-depth look at the Pettie-Ramachandran Optimal Algorithm to find Minimum Spanning Trees

The following was done as a project under the Honors Colloq. for CompSci 311 under Prof. Marius Minea. I had also attempted to make a Java implementation of the same, but due to time constraints and it being a 1-credit course, opted to use pseudocode instead.

Image 1

CICS 256: Tilting-ball game

CICS 256 final project in collaboration with Lyle Kottke, linked here. A Google Sites website also has details on the functioning of this game (made with Arduino, a 16*16 LED Matrix, and an acclerometer). This project was done under Prof. Donghyun Kim.

Project Pitch

Link to project Pitch (uploaded to repository)Link to Project Website with Updates


  • Week 1: Ordering components, brainstorming/planning as much as possible before they arrive
  • Week 2: Attaching components, getting familiar with tilt sensor/using LED display
  • Week 3: Coding basic ball movement with button input, possibly start using tilt sensor
  • Week 4: Tilt sensor ball movement finalized
  • Week 5: Adding additional features (Winning a level, failing a level, obstacles)
  • Week 6: Tweaking, bug fixing, play testing, polishing


  • Neopixel LED display (32x32)
  • 4 buttons to test ball moving input
  • Tilt sensor
  • Our makerboards (or potentially an Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi, if computation/latency errors occur)