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This page holds all my ongoing projects and endeavours. Primarily, the heirarchy will be divided into different institutions of affiliation, in no particular order. This will be the forever evolving page, and projects that are over will be placed in their respective pages (or new pages will be created) in the sidebar.

UMass Amherst Manning CICS

I am currently an undergraduate Computer Science major in UMass CICS. I am also a multidisciplinary honors student in the Commonwealth Honors College.

CICS Honors Thesis

Currently working with Prof. Joe Chiu and Prof. Tim Richards from UMass CICS on my Honors Thesis. I have put a short poster on the project hypothesis below, but obviously not all data is recorded because this is an ongoing project. Moreover, the poster is about 6 months old and a lot has changed in the project (focused on Clang, Cargo, and LLVM).

Regardless, the poster still gives a good idea of what to expect, without giving compromising details, and thus I'll leave it here. Also, there is a git repository which stays private for the forseeable future :)

As part of my thesis on comparing RUST and C++ Performance Metrics, I developed a whole range of scripts that would take a C++/RUST Project, Compile to Assembly, Assemble to Object File with Debugging Symbols, Link Header Files, Pass to GDB, and Trace Asm Calls as the program executes. After the tracing, it passes the trace output to another script for analyzing CPU performance.

Currently, this is only C++/RUST based and on the x86 platform. I am expanding this, since I believe that this could be extended for comparisons between any programming languages (or most). I also plan to create a UI for the whole thing allowing others to be able to use and contribute towards this project.

Check out this webpage for further details.

The poster below is outdated.


Psivant Therapeutics

I am moving to Boston to work for Psivant Therapeutics as a Software/Systems Developer Intern. Specifically, I will be working on High Performance Computing frameworks such as STORMM.

My introduction to Psivant was thanks to Prof. Scott Auerbach, and it seems that my skill-set in Systems (tra86 and the rest) are a perfect fit to the work at Psivant. I will not delve into it further as of just yet, but what it essentially means is that I am pursuing the biggest jump in my career possible.

Facilitating the same, I will be moving to Boston for at least the duration of the summer, possibly beyond.

Smith College

Currently working as a Software Dev. and System Specialist at LinKaGe Lab in Smith College.

  • Assisting in the Software Development part of the current research under the guidance of Dr. Ileana Streinu at the LinKaGe Lab.

  • Optimizing systems and server-side code to ensure the lab's software works efficiently, as well as ensuring upkeep and security.

  • Porting legacy software to modern frameworks.

Smith LinKage Lab

UMass Integrated Concentration in Sciences (iCons)

iCons 4: Spring

For the spring semester of iCons 4, I am working on bringing my Honors Thesis to a larger audience, as well as reflecting on and giving feedback to the iCons program as a whole. I have spoken at MassURC, and will be speaking at the iCons Senior Expo as an Honorary Lecturer.

The endeavor in itself is very low-key, but I love seeing my (and everyone else's) work come to a culmination.

Misc. Projects

This section holds personal projects: anything that I am investing time in, but for the pursuit of knowledge and self-fulfillment/happiness/mainly because programming is my hobby as well.

Projects mentioned are outside of the regular stuff that maintainance of this site entails, and the Blog that I am writing on this site as well. The projects below are some that I have been doing/wanted to do for a very long time now, and I just find them interesting.

I will probably keep writing about these, amongst other things, on the aforementioned blog still.


These are the subset that are not just hobby-related, but actually help someone else or are official (just not directly under CICS affiliation).

Anna Biondo's Low Carbon Concrete Project

A first for me: but I (and Anvitha Ramachandran of iCons) are currently working with Anna Biondo (iCons) to create a video game for her Low Carbon Concrete Project. Part of a bigger project posted here, Anna served as a Project Intern for Boston Society for Architecture and helped create a report that details the obstacles and opportunities for decarbonizing concrete production.

Read More Here



MorbiOS is a currently under-development RUST-based Operating System that Anvitha and I are developing, half as a joke and half to teach ourselves more in-depth about different Operating System paradigms and how does one even go about creating one. While we both have extensive Systems experience, them having created a legv8sim for their thesis and me having compared different programming languages on a low-level baseline, we both believe that this project would provide an immense learning opportunity that classes sometimes do not have time for. And above all, this is a hobby: we actually love doing this stuff.

While there is not much out there: be on the lookout here for more updates to the project as they keep on coming.

Voyager: Android Git Client

This exists only to solve a very niche problem of mine, but in my move to Android the biggest thing I miss is a git client, akin to Working Copy on iOS. Voyager is my way to solve this problem: it is a comprehensive git client on Android.

This project may take much longer, as it is only an interesting project (4th on the priority list). Regardless, it is very under development and you can tune in to updates here.