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Kushagra Srivastava

Operating Systems & Compilers Programmer


The following is the personal website of Kush Srivastava: undergraduate CompSci major at UMass Amherst, graduating 2024. This homepage will cover the highlights of projects that I am working on currently. Complete details on everything that I am working on can be accessed via the About page. Along with my portfolio, this website serves as my creative outlet (both, in and out of CompSci). The site logo is my first computer, circa 2013.

Currently, my main focus are in these endeavours; in-depth details and other current projects can be found under the Ongoing page:

Psivant Theraupeutics

Interning as a Systems & Software developer at Psivant Theraupeutics: a Research & Development Startup that focuses on High Performance Computational Chemistry & Biology.

Self Libre Projects

Helping create a Video Game for Anna Biondo's LCC Project (iCons); Creating the tra86 toolchain for Programming Language Performance Analysis; Creating MorbiOS w/ Anvitha; Programming to Reverse Engineer for Classic Macintosh.

Biking, Photography

I bike around in Boston. I have also been pursuing Photography for over a year or so now. I intend to blend my experiences and art in my Blog, as well as the Hobby category of this website. More to come soon.