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Archive of this website

This page will be used to store archives of this website.

Fall 2023 - Present

The current version is licensed under GNU AGPL, and the Source Code, along with further details, can be viewed here.

The decision to use Docusaurus consists of the following:

  • Focusing on my content, and not the layout
    • My previous website was one huge HTML file, with tons of obsfucated bootstrap code. This made upkeep slow, and I rarely changed any details on it.
    • Docusaurus enables me to write my Blog, maintain the Finechive, and add pages like this with extreme ease.
    • Can bring new wacky ideas to life super quick, and not worry too much on design.
  • Responsive design is built in, and was an Open Source codebase from the beginning.
  • Super customizable.

Winter 2021 - Fall 2023


This was the longest standing version of this website, up until Fall 2023. I used a template website, but made a lot of changes myself on the interactivity, animations, content showcasing, and the frontend in itself.

It used bootstrap and jQuery for fast animations and feel. However, this was my first proper web dev project, and thus there were some issues with the website:

  • Everything was stored in a huge index.html and clicking a button would essentially just trigger a JS script to take this div away, do an animation, and put this next div in place. Super confusing, super convoluted.
  • Because of the above approach, inserting images, centered divs, or anything outside the norm of what could work on this template was near impossible. Hence, this website was a giant wall of text in a way.
  • Poor accessibility: since I was doing this index.html trickery, it could not be picked up well with accessibility readers and different devices with different screen sizes.

Regardless, I am still super proud of this version, as it was made back when I did not know much myself.

Source Code for Personal Website

This repository contains the source code for my Personal Website. A number of different Open Source tools and technologies have been used during the creation of this space, as listed below:

This project is completely Open Source and is released under the MIT License.

2019: Guitar Rocks

Visit bad scraped version on Internet Archive

The first major thing that I had done with this domain was to use it for teaching guitar and classical music to others in high school. The name for this was conceived during middle school (hence, a bit cringy), but the website itself was full of classical music lessons.

I have unfortunately lost the source code for this iteration. I will try to find it again. This domain was in hiatus from 2019 to 2021.

2018-2020: Minded Mindlessness

Minded Mindlessness was a blogging project I did for a bit with a friend. I do not have the website with all the posts yet, but I will be linking what is remaining out of it.

2017: The Kushagra Srivastava Blog


The following was a blog that I wrote briefly during 2017. I had this domain back then, but did not publish much here. This was all done using Blogspot (Google's Blogging Platform)