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The Finechive Newsletter: a place for me to post more frequent updates, without being "shackled" by the constraints of updating any of these huge project files once in a while.

The Finechive Newsletter: a place for me to post more frequent updates, without being "shackled" by the constraints of updating any of these huge project files once in a while.

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I am copy-pasting the first newsletter here, that goes deeper into why this space. Hope it helps :)

Introducing a Newsletter, sort of.

This is more so a way to streamline my own thoughts and creative ideas, but I have decided to convert this blog space into somewhat of a newsletter. Here's why I say "sort of":

  • For starters, I am not going to have an email functionality here. This is going to solely be a space for me to write down thoughts and convey them.
  • We are not trying to build an audience, just yet. We are trying to just create something special.
  • Threading (Tweeting on Threads) is not cutting it for me. That's too constraining.
  • Each page of the Finechive relates to a big (non-career related) project. However, ideas come and go. This is the point I want to hold on to, for a bit.

the approach, and how it is changing.

The biggest problem in my approach has been the reluctance to treat this blog as a main project. So far, this has pretty much been a dump of my ideas that come and go. I have written about these ideas in great depth, but as a result I only post here very rarely.

Every other page in the Finechive is a project that has been going on, independent of my career (yes, even the code ones). However, that means that by nature of the projects, those pages get updated quite rarely. Granted, updates are good, but it is more of a directory of what I am doing currently (more so, what I am doing not directly in my career as such).

Ideas, on the other hand, come and go. Ideas cannot stick to a "Project" page, they need a medium of communication. I have tried blogging before, albeit have never been able to reach the heights of my high-school blog (which remains archived for the time being).

Pivoting to a separate problem, another issue I am having is managing my creative projects. I recently got into Digital Art, Djing, and Photography (as mentioned in a previous Blog post). While each of these are going to get their own pages in the Finechive, a newsletter also helps me keep myself in check, and convey the daily progress on these avenues without having to wait for sweeping changes to be made in this space.

Most importantly, it helps me have a big picture of where each of these new creative endeavours are headed to, so that the more sweeping changes on my actual archive make sense. The creative endeavours are basically classified as Sound, Indoor Creativity, and Outdoor Creativity, They will have their own pages, but also I will put stuff here.

The way I see it unfolding is that Photography & Art will have merged in their own little proper finechive page (the current Photography page), and I will have also started publishing my Music Lirary in yet another Finechive page. This is not set in stone, and will most definitely change as we keep going further into this rabbithole. For now, I am elated to have these means of creative expressions.

Every Tuesday at 4PM EST, I will have a new post here. Something interesting, opinionated, really anything. But I need to get a medium for a creative flow of ideas, and not just updates on the more major projects I am doing. Think of this as a "budget version" of the Tom Scott Newsletter, which is free to begin with and has so clearly not been the motivation behind this idea.

Once I have consistently posted a newsletter for 8 Mondays, the newsletter will officially have a link on my homepage.