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About Me

Hi, I am Kushagra Srivastava. I am currently a Junior CompSci Major (BS, Hons.) at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences. My current specilizations lie in Systems Design and Architecture, as well as in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. More specifically, I use ML Models to predict and extrapolate upon the performance metrics of different compilers to assess weak points of different programming languages.

I am currently working on establishing a Systems lab at Manning CICS, with Professor Meng-Chieh Chiu, Professor Tim Richards, and a select number of other students. Following on the mention above, I am currently working on deducing RUST Compilation Performance Metrics via Tracing the x86 Assembly output.

I am also working at the LinKaGe Lab at Smith College, under the guidance of Dr. Ileana Streinu, as a Research Assistant. My work specializes in the upkeep of systems, implementing security measures, as well as Software and Web Development.

I also am a member of the UMass Amherst Integrated Concentration in Sciences Program. My work mainly revolves in the application of my knowledge in Software and Web Development, as well as in Data Science and Machine Learning, to create visualizations and better methodoligies to convey research problems to a general-audience. Often, I also work on Data Crunching, Extrapolation, and making real-time deductions.

A full list of my experiences is linked under the resume section of my website. Moreover, current projects that I am working on can be found in the Ongoing Projects section of the website.

  • Name: Kushagra Srivastava
  • Major: BS (Hons.) in Computer Science (Expected May 2024)
  • From: Manning CICS, CHC, and CNS: University of Massachusetts, Amherst. View my webpage, and my UMass iCons Student Profile.
  • Specilizations: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Systems Design and Architecture, and Operating Systems.
  • Location: MA, United States | DXB, United Arab Emirates | DEL, India
  • Email: