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· 5 min read
Kushagra Srivastava

Vintage Mac Hello World written on AppleScript

The following series (which is separate from my newsletter), is going to be a comprehensive deep dive into programming for Mac OS version 9: the ancient pre-UNIX version of the Operating System which barely has much documentation on the Internet today. This post is mainly initialization, I just got the VM working and a pipeline to install 3rd party (old) software :)

· 4 min read
Kushagra Srivastava

Even though I am not exactly there yet, I often like to classify myself as a Libre Source Developer. Let's get into this terminology first.

Libre Source, for the most part, is very much in parallels with Open Source Development: i.e., people can see the source of your code, fork it, compile it, and distribute it. There exist different licenses that lay down the permissions for what most users can do with it. The most popular, in the Open Source world, is the MIT License

· One min read
Kushagra Srivastava

(noun) /dɪˌbʌɡzaɪ.əti/

Definition: The apprehensive and uneasy feeling experienced by a programmer when faced with the prospect of executing or testing code, particularly after investing a significant amount of time in its creation, due to the anticipation of potential errors, bugs, or the need for extensive debugging.

Example: Sarah hesitated to run the program she had been tirelessly working on for days, overcome by a wave of debugxiety as she feared encountering unforeseen issues that might demand prolonged debugging sessions.

Etymology: Blend of "debugging" and "anxiety."