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Hydrogen Battery Efficiency Viewer


iCons 1: Sophomore Year.

A website which was created as an extension to our Poster. Our Research was "Filling in gap of ways to make Hydrogen Energy more Accessible and Reliable". The website was created as an interactive means for the audience to view the data and the future scope of the project.

The main poster along with the research data and the sources can be viewed here (and on the project website as of September 2023). The website was created as a companion to go alongside said poster. The link was given to all before the presentation, and the audience could play around with the website while listening about our research.

Official UMass Entry (iCons Innovation Portal)Click here for the website

All the code for the website is in the "iCons1-CS2" folder of the parent Github repository of this website, or alternatively you can also Click Here

iCons 1: Case Study 1 (Team 4 COVID Meta Analysis)

A presentation conducting a meta analysis to determine which countries had the best response to COVID-19 between March - May 2020.

Official UMass Entry (iCons Innovation Portal).