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All iCons research projects, including digital products.

This is a repository to hold all Research Work I have done under the Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons) Program along with the College of Natural Sciences at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Innovation Portal + Formal List of Projects

All of these projects can be found in the Official UMass iCons Innovation Portal. The Official UMass Entry link under each project in this page is the actual published link of the project, and should be used primarily to refer to the same.

Filtered list from the Innovation Portal, showcasing my projects


No product for this one so just mentioned here (was my first ever research analysis project).

A presentation conducting a meta analysis to determine which countries had the best response to COVID-19 between March - May 2020.

Official UMass Entry (iCons Innovation Portal).



iCons 4

For the spring semester of iCons 4, I am working on bringing my Honors Thesis to a larger audience, as well as reflecting on and giving feedback to the iCons program as a whole. I have spoken at MassURC, and will be speaking at the iCons Senior Expo as an Honorary Lecturer.

The endeavor in itself is very low-key, but I love seeing my (and everyone else's) work come to a culmination.

Thesis Website Created for iCons 4, which then became the overall website for the project.

For the Senior Expo for iCons, I was invited to give a short speech regarding what my project was.

Senior Expo Image

For more context, the Honors Thesis page may be useful. iCons 4 was mainly concerned with getting this thesis out to a bigger audience. I was deeply honored to be giving a talk on my thesis, along with 3 other iCons scholars.

I will be uploading that talk as soon as I get my hands on it :)