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Boston T Accessibility


UMass iCons 2 + Museum of Science, Boston

A group project to map the Boston T and judge it's accessibility. The project uses two repositories:

  • suobset/iCons2-MoS for R data, GIS data, manipulation, creation, and literally almost everything
  • "iCons2-MoS" subfolder of this current parent repository, only to export suobset/iCons2-MoS as a webpage and host it on GitHub Pages. Alternatively, Click Here.
  • Featured in UMass Amherst News
Official UMass Entry (iCons Innovation Portal)


L to R: Kush Srivastava, Gabby Walczak, Jack Minella, Cleo Hein, Yi Ding


Here is the Website with the Map and scoresRepository with R code and GIS data for this project