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Tilting-ball game

CICS 256 final project in collaboration with Lyle Kottke, linked here. A Google Sites website also has details on the functioning of this game (made with Arduino, a 16*16 LED Matrix, and an acclerometer). This project was done under Prof. Donghyun Kim.

Web Screenshot

Website for Project

Project Pitch

Link to project Pitch (uploaded to repository)Link to Project Website with Updates


  • Week 1: Ordering components, brainstorming/planning as much as possible before they arrive
  • Week 2: Attaching components, getting familiar with tilt sensor/using LED display
  • Week 3: Coding basic ball movement with button input, possibly start using tilt sensor
  • Week 4: Tilt sensor ball movement finalized
  • Week 5: Adding additional features (Winning a level, failing a level, obstacles)
  • Week 6: Tweaking, bug fixing, play testing, polishing


  • Neopixel LED display (32x32)
  • 4 buttons to test ball moving input
  • Tilt sensor
  • Our makerboards (or potentially an Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi, if computation/latency errors occur)